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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
So you are opposed to talking about suspension theory in a thread about suspension settings? No because its my bedtime ,been up since 5.00am!

Having driven on 888s before I didn't have the same feeling. What size tire & rim combo were you using?

[b]255/35-18 on 8.5 265/35-18 on 9.5

What car did you use them on?

I highlighted the important part above. If you were still learning the car and track then we really cannot use the data. Too many factors changing at once.

My initial response to you was simply to point out that your perception of events (amount the car moved to take a set) was not in line with the real events (its the same sport or normal). For the purpose of showing how unreliable driver feel can often be.
I have been hired for testing in the past because of my feedback and ability to turn extremly consistant laps so I know I have the ability to discern what works in a track situation.

The fact that you cannot argue is that on this particular situation is that both the timer and SOP confirmed that the firmer setting was better ifor my needs!