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We can sit and argue about suspension setup theory for an awful long time:

My tire setup is about 1" shorter overall height than my factory 19" setup with less stagger difference front to rear

The Toyo R888's are much less precise feeling tire than the PS2's that came on the car.They are a very good track tire however with extremly friendly breakaway and they they are very easy to bring back into the zone once you overdrive them.They heat up quite fast and only started to fall off after about 10 laps.

But on this one track that is fairly tight and that is fairly rough and I prefered the sport EDC setting and went about 2 seconds a lap quicker in the afternoon with more track & car familiarity than using the normal setting in my first couple of sessions.I was using my bike lap timer to keep an accurate track of my lap times.

Yes I would like to do some data logging but for myself in these conditions the sport setting was faster and much more controlable.