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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
Feel can mislead a lot of drivers. Since the springs and not the shocks control how a car sets, rest assured both sport and normal have the same amount of movement to them.

A lot of people think a car they have to fight feels fast. Usually its not but because they as the driver are busy they conclude the result was better.

This will be easy to test once we have data logs from the cars on a track.
That is not totaly true as the shock does contribute to the dynamic spring rate in cornering especially on a bumpy track which the majority of tracks in North America are.Beleive me as I have done lots of suspension testing on both racecars & streetcars in a previous timeframe and we have had enough variation in shocks that we could control how much suspension travel was being used without ever touching the springs,only shocks and settings.
Beleive me it is quite easy to see when the suspension is working at its best,if you have reference points that you know your RPM at those points to be able to compare to previous laps with a different setup.It comes with experiance and feel is a very large part of going fast.