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Originally Posted by KINGLEH View Post
anything you say about the GTR.. i gotta take for what its worth...... which is not much... since uve never even seen one.. and ive drivin one...

You were just stating alot of assumptions and you really dont even know the car....

im just tired of people talking about it when they dont know anything about it...

obviously im a huge GTR fan.... Jap and German fan to be honest.....

i own now and will most likely own 1 car from Jap and Euro for the rest of my life.... they both are great... but sometimes Jap just doesnt get credit when its Due...
It's not about what I know or say about the GT-R, it's what the article says. There were no assumptions on my part and I didn't state anything I didn't know or what wasn't reported. The article said the M3 was more fun and you even echoed that. Look at the numbers and you can see the M3 has more room. Your initial post said the opposite and I was pointing that out.

I'm not dissing the GT-R. I give it a lot of credit and would have no problems taking a GT-R (well maybe one) but I won't get one because they're probably all spoken for this year, probably next, and I will not pay the "market adjustment" that the dealers want. I do agree that the GT-R has performance up there with the best of 'em, and would beat the M3 on the straights or curves.

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