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Originally Posted by sejoon85 View Post
Ive tried to contact Riss racing regarding if it will work on the e92 m3. Never got a reply
hahaha good luck with RR. u have to pay them and beg them to get them to talk to you.
Originally Posted by Steveo58 View Post
All the CDV valve dose is reduce the internal size of the clutch line, thus limiting the amount of fluid that is able to pass though, as deturmined to be the best rate by BMW. It actually makes the clutch slip slightly, and causes additional wear, and keeps anyone from shifting faster then they deturmined.

All you have to do is remove the valve and bolt the line back together, then re-bleed the system. You can also pull the CDV out and simply drill the hole out to the size of the clutch line and then put it back in. The one Riss and others sell are just stock units that have been drilled out - anyone can do it. This also keeps things looking stock so if anything clutch-wise goes wrong BMW can't see it was modified.

It defintely makes a difference, I did it on my old E46 M3 and will be doing it on my new E92 shortly!

Hope this helps...
awesome post. thanks!
Originally Posted by Steveo58 View Post
Sure... It doesn't change the bite point or the actual feel at the shift knob, but it improves feel from your left foot on the clutch pedal. With the CDV in I thought it felt on the numb side at the pedal, but with it out you have more of a direct connection.

It also makes the shift from first to second much smoother and easier. It's really quite an easy mod to do, and there is no need to buy the aftermarket parts, just drill the existing one out or simply remove it. Hope this helps...
again awesome. can u help me do mine?
Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
Only issue with that is the dealer could deny clutch or transmission warranty or maintenance coverage if you later have an issue. That's why Zekhausen sells the stealth modified ones.

Frankly, I felt no difference when I had my E46 M3 one removed after warranty.
on 335 it makes a huge difference. it's worth a shot if it's improves the 1-2 shifts. this + RE ssk that's coming out should make me hella happy