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Originally Posted by SteelTorque View Post
Stock vs stock, there is no doubt that the M3 handles MUCH better. Nobody doubts the M3's handling capabilities. But you can't live your life at the track.
And if you want a track car, the M3 is certainly not the car for that.

The question that has always been asked was : Is the M3 20k better than the 335 with a couple of mods?

Well, that depends on every person's lifestyle/needs.

Personally, since I only plan on tracking a few times a year, the 335 is a good value for 50k as it handles good and can be pretty damn fast for cheap. In everyday life, I love it's massive torque.

So, again, how fast the M3 is at the track is irrelevant to most people because you can't be at the track all day.

95% of the people don't even track their can on a regular basis.

In everyday life, the 335 with a strong "chip" and some coilovers will be very very close to an M3.
Well, I don't buy cars based on what 95% of the people think/need/want. I buy them for myself. I noticed the difference in the experience the minute I drove off the lot (and I've driven the 335). I appreciate well designed high precision engineering. So, it's worth it for me.

Stock vs. stock, the M3 has more torque at the wheels than the 335 above 2500 rpms or so (discussed in other threads). The massive torque advantage you are referring to is true for a chipped 335. I would not mess with any of that for a car that is under warranty (also discussed to death). Even after warranty, as I said above, the 335 drivetrain was not designed to handle that much power/torque, so you are asking for trouble down the road. Eating into safety margins engineers have built into the product is risky and can be expensive to deal with in the long run.