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Originally Posted by SteelTorque View Post
You must have raced a stock 335 while the driver was DUI. Shame!

I hope to run into an M3 someday. I was already dead even with an E60 M5 up to 100mph.
Seriously, the issue was not necessarily power. And I think he was a decent driver. It was a tight technical course. I was gaining significantly on everyone in the corners, including an RS4 and several E46 and E36 M3s. I thought the older M3s would handle better than that given their weight advantage. I was really surprised at how well the E92 M3 handled. And it was not because I am a great driver, and Iím not saying this because I own one. The car really impressed me in how balanced it is out of the box and how much traction it has. An E46 M3 spun in front of me as I was gaining on him and I was not even close to running into any kind of trouble. It's just that. One needs to appreciate and accept that. Can you make a 335 handle like that? Probably yes after significant mods and time. Is it worth it? I personally do not think so.