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Originally Posted by Mickb View Post
Well that is fair enough. You seem to have thought it through!!!

Incidentally, is your car MT or DCT? I wonder how much torque the BMW DCt can handle, because this is the reason Audi for example have never put the VW/Audi DSG box on their performance cars.

Will be interesting to see how tuners cope with this, or if some of the kits will be limited to MT cars only.
My car is a 6MT. And you are absolutely correct regarding torque limits. For instance, the most powerful Mercedes AMGs such as the SL65 AMG (even the new one), the CLK DTM AMG, the SLR McLaren etc… have the 5 speed auto since the 7 speed auto will simply not handle the torque (the . Sometimes the way these guys replace torque is by having a greater number of smaller gears to keep torque up there. Cars that have a lot of torque don´t need so many gears as they can´t put the power down efficiently anyway. In one of my cars, AMG actually greatly re-enforced even there 5 speed gear box to withstand huge torque. So it seems that some of these gearboxes are designed around “lower torque” and it still has to be seen what tuners will do with the M-DKT.