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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
a 996tt (and 996GT3) will embarass an e92 m3, the 997 GT3 and 997TT will absolutely demolish one even worse-no contest whatsoever.
That is my feeling as well, I have driven the 997tt on track and lapped it many, many times with instructor and all as I have my own M3. I have also gone up against a couple of 997tts in my M3 on bends and long, long streights. There is no question about it, the 997tt is faster in every instance. Of course, we were not going over 270kph, but most everywhere I have seen, the 911tt has a top end that is higher than anyone I know has been able to take an M3 to. I remember this Italian who posted a vid that takes him to 325kph on his E92 M3 but we suspected in the same thread that the speedo might have been wrong since technically the M3's top delimited speed should be right about 300kph (186mph).