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Originally Posted by M2381 View Post

I couldn't agree more. I dont really understand why people ALWAYS have to bash the competition? Like you said, competition is good because it helps us improve!
Just think about it... a few years ago the three series had almost no worthy competition. The C class was a nice car, but you could tell it was the entry model, and as far as the drive it offered, it didnt compare. The IS300 was basically the same as the Altezza, and again, couldn't compete with the 3 (though our engines are quite FI capeable ). No one even cared about the A4. Now you'll have a tough time just making a case to pick the C over a 3 over an A4 over an IS... or whatever roder you'd chose. They're all great.

Now that all four of those manufacturers offer high-performance models, its only gotten better. They're going to have to keep one-upping eachother, and all that is going to do is make things better and better for the people like us who just love to drive them