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Originally Posted by Qship View Post
ihyln, can you get the M-Package in the US? It is an option, and if yours is in production it might not be too late since this is simply an electronic option. If you ever run up against that 160mph limiter, your head will knock forward like you over rev'd the engine. Like Mom calling you home for dinner when you are half way up the tallest tree in the forest...except there is a bear behind you with [insert auto manufacturer emblem here.] "Mom! You just don't understand!" Get to the right.

Been researching, and tinkering with gear ratios, but mostly for my own understanding. I have been looking at the C&D gearing matrix in this post. Can anyone comment if there is anything that is incorrect?

If all is correct, then the Porsche 997 TT has a much more challenging time with higher speeds in terms of acceleration which would match my statement. Almost like Porsche engineers wanted only low end, mid-range, great start acceleration, and then as an afterthought for drivability they worked out expected top speed and geared it that way...not exactly the most efficient use of HP, but likely MORE than OK for track usage. Just leaves them exposed on the Autobahn where speeds exceed 200. The C4S yesterday was not fooling around, and he was damn fast. He let me have the lead with plenty of space after a couple of acceleration runs where I out shifted and out ran them...and I get to watch the conversation in my rear view mirror between him and his wife.

But of course, do not believe me (I am a troll or a little girl or whatever.) I am likely a liar.

Just look at the gear ratios. Substantial differences in the higher gears.

I will spare you the excel sheet I am tinkering with.

If you are considering a Porsche for the track, this post is likely irrelevant to you.
The 997tt does not lack anything whatsoever on the top end. It becomes more of a beast. I understand that you are trying to comprehend what happened to you, but sometimes you just need to simply concede the obvious. You concede in part, which is followed by a "but". In the end you haven't really conceded anything.