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Originally Posted by Crea View Post
not E92 owner but E46....
i just cant justify buying the E92 for 400k more then my GTR
hehe, it is really depends on what you want it for.....if you are talking about the speed/track use only...for sure that i will pick for GTR. some of the Ferrari owners said it is even better then their F430.

Before i decide to buy E92, i have the same question of you, is how can i justify myself buying the E92 for 400k more then GTR~~this question keep flying in my mind.

the reason i pick E92 rather then GTR ( didn't said E92 is better), if you take out the performance, overall rating of the car for E92 would be higher then GTR and also i would think E92 is more elegance if compare to GTR, and there are just too many GTR (there should be atleast 100 on the road) la and i want something different/ speical(less then 20 so far). also i dun want to buy water stock car, but if Nissan HK do have the GTR V-spec it should be another story for me hehe.

Anyway good choice for picking GT-R, it is also one of my dream car man!!!!