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Originally Posted by Mickb View Post
I also struggle a little with the "why" question on this issue. Now I just collected my car Friday, but it seems fantastically balanced to me and has just the right amount of power.

To me, this is often the motoring equivalent of a 24 handicap golfer buying mizuno blades. He would be far better spending the money on some instruction to improve his skills before buying clubs that he is not equipped to handle.


ps no reflection on anyone here since I don't know what level of driver anyone is, just a general musing on peoples quest for more and more horsepower.
At least in my case this isnīt why I want more power. Hahaha! Not that I am a professional diver either by the way!! But, I do own other cars that have soooo much more power that I sort of have grown accustomed to lots of power on tap. So to me, the M3 does feel a tad slow. Plus, yes, although I have driven mine on track a couple of times already and am really highly impressed with the cars ability, I do want to have that reserve power on tap when that 911TT shows up on longs. Yes, I do want to blow him away. Period!! Sorry, to me, power is great!! Especially in a very well balanced vehicle. Tuning many times ruins the balance but not if done properly and with $$$.