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Originally Posted by emergent View Post
Again... you are wrong. You should do your own search. These reports came from pre-production models.

"In the rear the most noticeable change from the IS 350 is the “F” badge and the addition of the stacked quad exhaust tips. While previous reports have surfaced showing pre-production placeholders for the upper tips, our test vehicle was full-functional for all four. "

Sorry, but it seems your wrong here. Many threads over this topic. The only picture that was provided to prove that the tips were connected... ended up only proving that they were still simply for aesthetics. I'll link you to the thread as well as link the pictures together. Enjoy.

Picture 1 "Pre-Prodction"

Picture 2 "Post-Production..?"

Pretty clear here that there was absolutely no change made to the exhaust. If after all this we are infact wrong about the exhaust... (I haven't seen a IS-F in person yet) then I encourage you to take a picture proving that they are connected now. Until then, I'm sceptical.