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Originally Posted by yahtzee View Post
No way in hell I can fathom paying over invoice for this car, as bad of a ride as it is. Why wouldn't someone in California not get in their car (or a plane for that matter) and go somewhere that the markup doesn't exist? Just dumb (or lazy).
If you mean MSRP, invoice is cost, I completely agree. I'd actually prefer to by the car about 1,190 miles from my house, fly there (for a few hundred bucks), drive home, and then drop the car off at the dealer for the 1,200 mile service. By the time you take the car out on roads you're familiar with, you can throw the whole RPM range at them. The best deal I could find just happened to be 20 miles from my house. Needless to say, I will be burning through a lot of gas putting on highway mileage, without really going anywhere, in the first week or two I have the car.