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M3 vs C63 observations

I just had a close look at a C63 this evening and I must say it is quite a nice looking car, at least from the front. The rear is just ok to my eyes. I really like the look of the wheels as well. I didn't get a chance to drive the car, but I did get to start it up and play with the gizmos. Some observations:

C63 strengths:

The exhaust note is to DIE for!
The front seats have super support
The interiors are quite nice

C63 weaknesses:

Rear leg-room is quite crappy, especially considering it has four doors

I've read that the ride quality on the C63 is also extremely harsh and that it is even thirstier than the E92 M3, which is really not surprising considering it's packing a 6.2 L engine!

Anybody driven one and have anything to share with the rest of us?