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Originally Posted by Nucking Futs! View Post
Well, I don't know about the e9x M3 but my CA told me the dealership just got in new equipment that can detect/trace when a 135i/335i has been either reflashed or removed, etc. Safe limit or not I don't think BMW wants anybody to modify their ecu (DME). Although, I might be down if it was a 30-40 hp gain (which I doubt).
Well, trust me when I say this, If anybody can make it undectable, Jim can. If he says it will be undetectable, it will be. He is really good at what he does and I doubt anybody knows the programming and DME architecture as well as he does...sans maybe a couple of the originial engineeres that designed it.

We will have to wait and see what he comes out with....he has had the DME for quite a while now, so from what I read, he is just waiting until he gets past break-in to dyno tune his M3. Shouldn't be too much monger before he does it and we start seeing some results and info on the release date.
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