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Originally Posted by BMW-M-Mexico View Post
We see eye-to-eye on these issues, I as well expect around 20bhp from the reflash. Now, when I first got the M3, I said I was going to do nothing to the car (especially since I have other very tunned cars), then I did the wheels and well, had to do the springs. Then I did the exhaust that does improve sound by a lot. Then, I thought the car felt a bit slow especially on long straights and did not like 911S´s hanging around so close, so maybe just a bit more power, then come the brakes, etc…, etc…, etc… So that´s sometimes how it goes.

Anyways, good luck with your car, when are you getting it and what did you order?
haha. I am the same way. I really really had to control myself with the GT3. I did next to nothing to it, just a few small things. It is already fairly tracked out in stock form, so it wasn't TOO hard. With the M, that is another story...I will try to maintain, but I dunno.

As for the M, I ordered an E90 with DCT, SSII with Black Nov and Alum trim. Tech pack, Enchanced sound, 19's, Ipod, Shades, and Fold down seats. I would like the universal remote and folding mirrors, but didn't wanna pop the extra cash for the Premium Package. I can live without it, or retrofit later. More fun that way too!
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