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Originally Posted by GT3 Tim View Post
True! I get to have YOU test out all the crap first!

I also agree that 30-40 hp from a flash is not feasible. I suppose it COULD be, but I bet it would not bode well for the longevity of the motor and components! I am expecting maybe 20-25 from Dinan. BMW pushed the motor pretty good already...with the low frictions coatings, etc. etc. I doubt there will be a lot more room, at least safely! Guess we will just have to wait and see. It is a known fact that the ALMS M3 is about 485 hp (prolly a bit more). I am sure they did quite a bit of modification to the motor! Power like that would cost BIG bucks and internal mods to boot. Screw that! I want my warranty!

I am even doubting I will reflash my run the risk of a serious warranty issue. Trust me, if you have a motor or tranny problem, it aint gonna be cheap! This M is no 318i! lol. If anything, I will prolly wait for Conforti's "Shark Injector". Something that is easily "removable" and "undectable", but also something that will be designed within the safe limits of the car.

Hell, I still have months to wait before I get that far into it. I plan to do a couple simple things, mostly cosmetic, and just enjoy the ride for quite a while!
We see eye-to-eye on these issues, I as well expect around 20bhp from the reflash. Now, when I first got the M3, I said I was going to do nothing to the car (especially since I have other very tunned cars), then I did the wheels and well, had to do the springs. Then I did the exhaust that does improve sound by a lot. Then, I thought the car felt a bit slow especially on long straights and did not like 911S´s hanging around so close, so maybe just a bit more power, then come the brakes, etc…, etc…, etc… So that´s sometimes how it goes.

Anyways, good luck with your car, when are you getting it and what did you order?