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Originally Posted by ybbiz34 View Post
Good to hear that it was taken care of. Sounds like it was a relatively easy fix!
Yep, I was really listening and feeling 'er out on the way home, to make sure all was well. It was.

Lots of haters here... guess I can't blame them, it's a BMW board.

Traction control has yet to flash for me. The car lays down the power very well. Of course, I haven't floored it yet. Top Gear's review didn't mention that there is a "sport" mode. So anyone who is dissing the T/C, or the handling, or saying the torque and power isn't usable.... hasn't driven one. I have. You have to beat the M3 to be fast. Not so with this car. I had a Z4 M coupe and it was the same way. I don't like driving around winding out gears in order to get the car to move ahead of traffic. The C63 has effortless speed and moves without even trying. Kind of like my C5 Z06 did. And when you DO spank it... ohhh man... LOOK OUT!

btw, one look at the main M3 board here is enough to know the relibility out of the gate on this car ain't so hot. So far though, it's mostly in Europe where the car has been out longer. I wouldn't declare any winners in reliability just yet....
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