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OK, being as I have tracked for many years and have bought dozens of sets of tires, I can tell you this, based on my experience.

Your right rear exhibits wear from middle to outside. The inside is decent.

Here is the need MORE camber on the rear. Given you driving style, you corner quickly. This places load on the outside of the tire, hence, more wear.

Toe looks fine as this wears the INSIDE surfaces first...and QUICKLY. You do not appear to have a toe issue whatsoever.

I would have your car aligned to factory toe specs and ADD about 0.5 - 0.75 degree of negative camber in the rear.

I would say your inflation is maybe 2 lbs high. I would replace the rubber first, then align it, then adjust pressure slightly if you see a little more outside wear. But I doubt you will need to.

Best of luck....

EDIT: It is hard to see the pic of your left rear, but that one looks like an overinflation issue to me.

As someone noted, the right rear takes most of the abuse as it is the drive it will wear a bit faster. I would still add a bit of negative to the rear though. I bet when you get it checked you will see more negative on the left rear than the right. Let us know what you find out!
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