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Originally Posted by BM3W! View Post
For the record, I was just quoting from memory the figure I read regarding how the engine was detuned from the 6.3 in the higher end benzes. I wasn't sure if it was a electronic detuning or if it was related to parts as well. I thought maybe, although not probably, they detuned it electronically and you could unlock that through a flash. The more I think about it though, the more I realize how ridiculous that would be lol. Still, even unleashing another 20 hp would be nice, and should be somewhat noticeable.

Anyway, thanks for the info bro.
Noted my friend and no problem!! I researched this since I had similar doubts to yours. And yes, 20bhp for $1,500 is not to shabby at all in my book. Hey, I'm going to do my ECU on the M for more than that (and less). Hahaha!! Anyway, getting 50bhp for say $5,700 on the C63 sounds very attractive to me. I've paid more than that in Exhaust, intake and ECU (That I have not done since no one has a reliable reflash out yet) for more than that and maybe get 40 additional bhp. Maybe.

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