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Originally Posted by Qship View Post
M3NTAL and Bruce

what comes after 6th gear in both cars? which car revs higher?

you are forgetting the limitations in the use case: 4th or 5th gear start on the "i don't care what kind of bahn." Except that is where your logic fails you completely because it is outside what you are used to. This is not a snarky or rude comment. You are just forgetting this detail. There is nothing after 6th.

Effective power is what can be transferred to the rear wheels and varies throughout the RPM range depending on selected gear. In this use case 1st gear is always best to start, with 6th as a hard stop where it is only the characteristics of the engine that matters. Everything in between is a matter of RPMs, power at that RPM, gear selected, and speed. How you get to 6th, what RPM you are spinning when you get there, and how much more you have left is the art or the car...
Y'know, you're making this way too complicated. All that matters at any speed is power and weight, mitigated by aerodynamics as speeds get very high. If what you're getting at in your first sentence is that the M3 will have a slightly higher (theoretical) rev-limited top speed, that's correct, but of course the M3 will have to have enough power to reach its redline in top gear (about 188 mph), which is doubtful, and of course you'd have to modify the car to kill the speed limiter in order to even try that. Have you?

Starting in fourth at, say, 100 mph or so, the Porsche will have the advantage right up to its rev-limited top speed of around 185 or so.

There will be certain speeds where the M3 can minimize it's power to weight problem by being able to begin the contest in a lower gear than the Porsche (and this type of circumstance would also be true of any car against any other car). However. it still wouldn't be able to keep up.

By the way, you still haven't answered my question, which was:

"Just how is turbocharged horsepower inferior to normally aspirated high rev horsepower?"