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Originally Posted by M3NTAL View Post
So you're telling us that the 997TT can only go 135mph? Shit my MINI Cooper S can do that every day of the week, easily.

Check your facts bro, the 997TT is capable of 185mph, if not more.

I will state this ONCE AGAIN: You have no idea in hell, if he was at full throttle, so all these little figures and comparisons you're throwing out don't mean jack shit, if you cannot prove beyond reasonable doubt that he was nailing it and going at it hard. Number 2, you haven't stated whether he dropped down a gear, if he started in 6th and you started in 4th, I could see that happen, but it doesn't mean that you "beat" them in the sense that the M3 is faster than the Porsche, BECAUSE IT ISN'T.

I feel like I'm talking to my damn dog. It listens to what I have to say though...
A dog? You are too kind!!!! My dog knows the 997TT is faster!! hahaha!!