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Originally Posted by Squawks
That's why a lot of folk here are treating him like an ass. Envy? Perhaps.
Envy? I think not.

He claims to be a 17 y.o. who earned a share in his uncle's yacht, yet nothing was given to him. Hint.. you don't earn a're given it, unless you buy that share, which he confirmed he had not bought it. However, he started the thread that basically said "hey suckahs.. look at my yacht", which was a lie. I'd wager a lot of us have relatives with some bux. My uncle has the exact same boat, which I get to go on. I don't start threads boasting that it's mine.

He claims to have a ticket reselling business (first 5 rows for all the events.. WWE buys from him!). You don't just fall into that at 17, and if (huge if) it's remotely true, he was given that. Plus he says he has his family do that for him.. given, again.

He claims to be getting a Jag.. but the way he did it was to start a thread saying us BMW drivers are losers, and jags kick bmw's ass.

He starts a "hey look at me" thread, then gets bashed, rightfully so, just for the fact that he was again looking for attention.

Face it, the guy's an attention whore, who pushes the envelope, then backs off.. over and over. He also thinks other people are the problem. He's a self admitted asshole, short tempered punk. They say that's the first step to recovery