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Originally Posted by Qship View Post
How often do you drive on the Autobahn? When was the last time you drove for 2 or 3 hours at speeds over 125mph semi-sustained? Over here, there is a lot of speeding up and slowing down. This is how these little competitions start. The fastest cars generally wind up in a line behind the slowest ones... If you are faster, then you bulldoze the car in front of you out of the way when they finally cede, and then you cruise for a while.

Oh...I just drive a Porsche. No offense intended, since I am a long standing Porsche fan.

If you don't want to believe it, then perhaps you should spend some time on the Autobahn and find out how 0-60 doesn't actually mean all. Rolling starts are a different world completely. Speeds over 125mph? This is about manufacturer gearing decisions, weight, torque, horsepower, and aerodynamics.

Both behind and in front the M3 was faster than the 997 TT. Repeatedly.

Now maybe that is because I shift rather well- or it could be that Porsches are getting a bit chubby and that will get fixed pronto or Ferry will come back from the grave to Zuffenhausen to motivate his engineers. What do you think? Give it a year, and this is going to be a very different discussion.
Wow, here we go again!! Don't argue with this guy, Qship is convinced his M3 is faster than the 997 TT in all ways, shapes and forms.