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Originally Posted by NaTuReB0Y
wwe-oholic.........who's your favorite wwe wrestler?
I am not a huge fan of the product, however HHH would be. pretty much because hes involved with the Mcmahons more then anyone else.

A large portion of my income comes off of the company (WWE Corp) from ticket sales (them buying from me). Important producers and people that work in stamford love broadway and especially impressive seats, especially when they are with clients. They place the order and I go thorugh my / my families contacts to get them what they need. (First 5 rows center orch)

When WWE seats go onsale I monoplize the first few rows ringside through my contacts within and without the company.

I have established major contacts within the company. For instance:1 particular person who is constantly on the road and attends every TV event throughout the year, has girlfriends in every state. The majority of the time he needs the best seats in the house for em. So since I have all the seats, when he goes to the promoter (or whoever) to get comps (free tickets) he cant get "ringside" seats
Then, I get the call.

Last week a major hollywood producer was refered to me (WWE was in South CA). So its a cycle that doesnt stop. And now this is a contact that I wont loose, personally for my self.

I go to 2-3 events a month nationwide to establish more contacts and collect my envelopes, its also fun....