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The Forgotten

Originally Posted by Squawks
The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the na´ve forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.
-Thomas Szasz
The demented forgot what there was to forgive

My thoughts on the psyche of e90 post:
Man, what a pissing match. I think that most people on this forum will let ya slide no matter what you say if you're rich and a 17 year old chick, especially a cute one (let's face it, who wants this forum to be 100% stag?) a double standard, but I understand it. Seriously, if you're one of the babes on this forum, about a month from now, post something that you know to be really asinine that would normally get flamed, as an experiment. See what happens. If you're rich and a 17 year old guy, well, people generally are a little jealous and irritated, but hold their tongues. If you're rich and 17 years old and beat the crap out of your Bimmer, that's what get's people upset around here. People around here react strongly to actions which seem to "disrespect" the e90. That's a bit extreme in the real world, but this is a forum for e90 devotees, so that shouldn't be surprising.

Even if someone makes ridiculous posts for months, if something happens to their car and it was not their fault, then people are pretty sympathetic around here. It's all about the love...for the car. Love your car and the members all love you. Treat your car with disrespect and feel the wrath of a thousand flamers. Peace.