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Racying Dynamics
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Originally Posted by M3Lion View Post
that would be THE most intense thing you could do, however does anyone (BMW-M-Mexico) know whether it would be possible to get a super/turbo charger on that stroker and/or chip.. Hence making it the destroyer of roads. (even though it might be overkill, but when has that ever hurt anyone?)
I think adding turbos to the stoker may not be so easy (or smart). It seems to me that at the very least, in such a high strung engine, in order to really increase boost, you would require low compression cylinders and probably major work on the injectors and intake manifold. Exhaust and intercoolers would also need to be entirely different from the stoker, so that I think you may be better off in just going pure stoker or pure twin turbos (the V8 lends itself well to twin turbos since you can install to smaller ones that spool up quicker closer to the exhaust). Mosselmann turbos seems to believe they can get to 600hp with turbos and around 520 with Supercharger.