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Originally Posted by CSL
I own a fully loaded 330i and my buddy just for his IS350 today. I got to drive it, but before i did we diabled the VDIM. I can Honestly say that NA engine is a dream and put along side my 330i it would rape it. It is such as beast! The quality of the interior and exterior is also amazing, using much more expensive leather than BMW.

Now i know many people will say "wait till you drive the 335i" but the IS350 is a four door sedan just like the 330i and when comparing sedan to sedan damn the IS350 rocks. Can't wait till the IS350 coupe comes out, i want to see it.

BTW all you Lexus Haters, MB haters, Audi Haters, or whatever haters, i love all cars whethers its a tuned focus to a GT40. I simple give credit where credit is due.

Congrats Lexus on the IS350.
One of the problems with the IS350 is that it's almost a 2 seater because unless you're 6 or an adult with no legs, there's almost no room in the back seat. The car seems like it was designed to give the front seat passengers all the comfort while completely screwing the back seat passengers. Either that or their target demographic is someone with no family or no kids and uses the back seat as a storage container.

The IS 250/350's have not sold well in this metro area and it contains a large number of Lexus' traditional audience. The Lexus dealer is across the road from the BMW/MB dealer and the E90's on the road outnumber the new IS by a very wide margin.