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you didnt like the show or the fights? there is a difference. i liked the show and the fights. i would rather watch dancing girls rather than having goldie or rogan tell me the results of a text message poll who the fans think will win. Pride IMHO always had the best show. the announcer lady was just able to inject so much energy into the building with her intro's the whole atmosphere of those shows seemed to be awesome. i had 2 gripes with the EXC show.

Gus Johnson - he did alright but i think mauro should have been the lead announcer. seemed as tho all 3 were fighting to get their piece in. im just used to mauro calling the match and IMHO he is the best announcer out there.

Frank Shamrock - he is supposed to provide expert analysis on the intricacies of the fight game. carrano puts young in a go-go and over the airwaves i hear "rubber guard". i know im just nitpicking but that stuff is the whole reason he is on the show. if a fighter is put into a hold you need to identify that hold for the audience as they may not train/know about BJJ or any other technique being used. rogan would have corrected who ever made that wrong call on the move.

and on that note. I cant wait for the affliction card!!!!!