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Venture film question

For those of you that had Venture shield full hood, bumper, mirrors, side skirts kit installed. Were you pleased with the installation and how the lines were displayed?

I had it installed a couple days ago and i wasn't too happy with how it came out. There were lines showing more than I wanted. Maybe wife thinks I'm crazy and it looks just fine. If you are far away you don't notice it at all but when you get closer you can see the lines (mainly on the bumper, the skirts, hood, mirrors look fine). There were some installation flaws that are going to be fixed (bubble in hood that isn't going away and 3 inch squeegy scrach in hood film, they will replace full hood film), and one mirror had a crooked line and need to be replaced.

So he said I have 2 options

1) He will fix the installation flaws no charge and replace the kit film
2) For an extra 500$, he will take the bumper film off too and then replace it and do a custom job for hood and bumper by taking all the parts off the hood and bumper and do the film by showing least lines possible.

Is the extra 500$ worth it? i originally paid 1500 (which included door edges and door handles, that I didn't even ask for).. Is this how the venture kit is originally designed , to have the lines? Should I be concerned with them taking the old film off? He said either option it would be best to get it done within 2 weeks from the install.

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