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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
This is basically what I was trying to say... I think we both are just explaining it a bit differently. What I was trying to say is exactly how you explained it in point 2 of your description. What is "Sport Mode" is how the non-EDC car is normally. I think BMW makes it a bit confusing with their term "Sport" and "Normal" This terminology makes it easy for someone to assume if you don't have the option "sport" than you must be in "normal" but in fact what you don't have is the option "normal" it's just a play on words by BMW to make it sound more appealing. Hopefully I'm making sense with that explanation.
Actually you do have Normal if you don't have EDC, except no active damper control. It's already been stated, by Ronin13 and me, that the EDC Sport mode is much stiffer than the non-EDC system.

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