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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
Just how is turbocharged horsepower inferior to normally aspirated high rev horsepower? You're going to need to explain if you're able to do that - and I assume you are able to, because you're so assertive about that point. I've personally waxed poetic about the breadth and flatness of the M3's torque curve, but horsepower is horsepower, and the M3 simply makes a lot less of it compared to the Porsche, everywhere in its rev range.

Yeah, according to the article, the M3 has a minor weight advantage, but far from enough to make up the difference.

I assume you posted your initial note in this string to imply that the M3 is quicker at speed compared to the turbo Porsche, but in point of fact, it really is a story. The 911 turbo will leave an M3 for dead from any speed to any other speed, your anecdote notwithstanding.

You're on the fence about staying around in this forum? Is that a threat?

Stay or leave, nobody cares. That's true of you, me, or anyone else.

I personally believe your story, but as Swamp says, other factors were at work.

Please, tell me about how the M3's horsepower is different (and better than) the Porsche's horsepower.

Or leave if you wish. That may be a better option for you, since you'll be unable to defend your point.


You're more than welcome to stay Qship, just don't post things like you have. I have learned that M3 owners on this forum are obsessed with details, alot like myself, and if you don't have them right, or don't have a complete grasp on them, they have no problem with calling you out, even if those details make another car look better or be better than theirs.

A 997 TT is faster than an M3. Plain and simple. I also believe that they didn't keep up with you, but the thing I think you're failing to realize is that you have no idea how hard the drivers in the Porsches were going at it. You have no idea how much their feet were on the accelerator, and have no idea how fast they were shifting. So unless you're able to prove this, everyone, including myself, isn't going to believe the M3 is faster, especially when we have facts, figures, and knowledge that tells us the exact opposite.