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Originally Posted by Qship View Post

Perhaps I am a damn good driver who knows how to shift, but I think that Porsche owners here in Germany know how to do this too...turbocharged HP is not equal to normally aspirated high rev HP and wide torque range...period.
Just how is turbocharged horsepower inferior to normally aspirated high rev horsepower? You're going to need to explain if you're able to do that - and I assume you are able to, because you're so assertive about that point. I've personally waxed poetic about the breadth and flatness of the M3's torque curve, but horsepower is horsepower, and the M3 simply makes a lot less of it compared to the Porsche, everywhere in its rev range.

Yeah, according to the article, the M3 has a minor weight advantage, but far from enough to make up the difference.

Originally Posted by Qship View Post
I did not intend this to turn into a story telling episode, so sorry if I made you yawn, and from the number of my posts you should be able to tell that I am not so interested in "we are so great." I originally joined to ask a question about why the USB interface did not recognize certain file types...and never got an answer. I have hung around, but I am on the fence if I will stay.
I assume you posted your initial note in this string to imply that the M3 is quicker at speed compared to the turbo Porsche, but in point of fact, it really is a story. The 911 turbo will leave an M3 for dead from any speed to any other speed, your anecdote notwithstanding.

You're on the fence about staying around in this forum? Is that a threat?

Stay or leave, nobody cares. That's true of you, me, or anyone else.

Originally Posted by Qship View Post
If you do not believe me, fine.

I whipped the shit out of two Porche 997 TTs on the autobahn. Done. It surprised the hell out of me.
I personally believe your story, but as Swamp says, other factors were at work.

Please, tell me about how the M3's horsepower is different (and better than) the Porsche's horsepower.

Or leave if you wish. That may be a better option for you, since you'll be unable to defend your point.