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Look guys, like I stated, purely factual. No argument nor inflamatory nor false statements have been made. Everyone is way too sensitive here (a bit like the M3 vs. 335i debates). I find it immensely ironic that footie wishes to limit this thread to comments from 6MT owners only and he is not one of them. As well since he began the thread I was adhereing to his wishes that I not participate. However, south, a very long term memeber and one I respect very much asked me directly what I had to to say, so I complied.

There is no degeneration here, no negativity, no battles nor arguments. Simply a comment from me based on something someone likes very much about 6MT that they may like substantially better in the other option.

Footie likely woud not but I strongly encourage folks who have any experience with either 6MT or M-DCT to chime in in the corresponding M-DCT thread to any relevant advantages with 6MT.