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Originally Posted by dbellin19 View Post
He then told me that I would be eligible for all services for the remaining miles when I ship the vehicle stateside next MAY09 when it is time for me to change duty stations but am not cover under this warranty while in Korea.

What are your opinions on this and who should I tak to for official clarification. The gentlman taking my order is just in my opinion a "paperwork admin guy" and not a subject matter expert by any means. I am thankful for the ability to purchase through the Military Car Sales as it is saving me quite a bit of cash but I don't want to ruin my car in the process?
First, if he is a BMW military sales rep, he needs to hit the books on the 1200 mile service. Also, what I think he is trying to say about the warranty is once you are back and register your M3 with BMWNA, you will have the rest of the NA warranty with services included. While you are overseas, you will not receive "free" services ... I paid for my 1200 mile inspection and it is a big chunk of change.