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Dealership said 1200 mile service not necessary....(kinda long)

I am new to this forum and have ordered (APR08) a 2008 M3 Sedan while stationed in South Korea. I have a production slot for week 23 as I ordered the DCT and 19 inch wheels. As I get closer to the reality of this vehicle, I have been doing some reading and research on this forum and am glad I did because I have learned alot so far.

My Question is this, The military Sales BMW dealership in Osan Korea said that there isn't a 1200 mile service for my M3 and that the first service isn't until 12000 or 15000 miles (don't remember which). He also stated that there wasn't a "break in" period for the car. He said it is inspected prior to delivery and can be driven hard from the day I take ownership of the vehicle. I know this to be incorrect by the numerous post on this forum and someone who posted the 12000 mile service description on this site. Now, Korean spec BMW's don't get the 4 year/40000 mile services like we do in the states. I am receiving a US Spec vehicle. I e-mailed him the service sheet depicting what the 1200 mile service entailed. He then told me that I would be eligible for all services for the remaining miles when I ship the vehicle stateside next MAY09 when it is time for me to change duty stations but am not cover under this warranty while in Korea.

What are your opinions on this and who should I tak to for official clarification. The gentlman taking my order is just in my opinion a "paperwork admin guy" and not a subject matter expert by any means. I am thankful for the ability to purchase through the Military Car Sales as it is saving me quite a bit of cash but I don't want to ruin my car in the process?