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Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
I'm getting a low noise on tight low speed turns. Might be the diff. I noticed on the 1,200 service there was not additive listed for the diff oil. I thought all the MLocks got it. The parts guy said only if they're "noisy".

The noise is hard to describe, but like a low rubbing sound, on both left and right hard turns. You can really hear it in a parking garage with the window down.

Let me clear this... what do you usually do when sudden turning? stepping the clutch pedal then turn your steering wheel? i think the diff has nothing to do with the unusuall sound.. commonly the problems with the sounds when turning are the bushing(a rubber elements that keeps to do metal to metal contact that usually do unusuall sounds from the suspension system) and other suspension components..

check your stabilizer link bushing if it is already worned-out.. or maybe the thing to do is go to the service center and tell them to check your suspension system in front or your steering components ( control arms , stabilizer links , ball joints)

and also tell them that you primally suspected your balljoints and bushing...