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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
only time I ever got shit for no front plate was when I had it in the windshield. When the cop pulled me over and looked at my car he saw it there and told me it had to be mounted on bumper. Once I took it out of windshield I never heard anything about it again, even after being pulled over a couple times. Kinda like out of sight out of mind. So my suggestion if you're not mounting it is to leave it home. Unfortunately my BMW dealer wouldn't let the car off the lot without mounting the front plate, claiming they were afraid they could lose the right to issue plates if they got caught. how they would get caught I have no idea.
Hm. Good to know, thanks for sharing your story. I think there is alot of logic to the out of site theory. So never mind my last post suggesting the window thing. Definately don't try that.

I still would carry it in the car with me. If they go searching through your trunk, I think that license plate will be the worst of your problems.