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Just as when I found my car, they changed it.

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my analysis:

yesterday I was able to test drive a C63 at a local dealer who happens to get a 2008 'C63 AMG at their lot. The CA was able to just have me drive it around the parking lot several times to get the feel for it. Its undeniably very torguey from the get go, I was very surprse but still very concerned that the rear end is very loose. I almost wrap the car around a light post

This a very dangerous car to have to be playing around the torgueness, I though. This car reminds me of a Viper the has the power but without a purpose. This car longevity will be very short live I thought, with the gas prices moving towards $5 and more. I will have no control over how I need to manage the power, much less the gas I put in it. Its there and to be paid for at $4.26 every 10 miles. Not FUN

So OK lets say you're finally called a AMG guy, Can I still sustain hanging around my crowd for their long drives and not think that I have to fork another $75 to fill the tank, much else hope to find a service station nearby. Will folks see me and say "Look at that AMG, stopping for gas again. What a way to go to be a wannabe"

To me Not all that glitters is gold for why did the Benz GM offered me 2 ea. Benz 2yr/26k mile maintenance service last night in his effort to get my business. Its then clear that they cant moved the car with today economy, and high gas prices. The last thing a prospecrive AMG buyer coming from a Bimmer world is that he has to fork out cash for service every 10k miles driven.

Its foolish to even use the argument that there are 80 AMGs vs 800 e92 M3 cars in the marketplace as a driving point for the favoring the Merc. Study your logic, is called proportionality. A guy that made 80 cars vs a guy that made 800 cars will both loose 10% proportion on their marketshare in a slow market. Its simply that the guy who made more cars, had projected bigger sales bcoz he has bigger market shares vs a guy that has less.

I hope to move up to a M3 someday, for it seems like it has the staying power that most can only attempt to dethrone. Even 335i owners brag of their Tque, find themselves turning the car for the M badge, soon I will be too.
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