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Need advice on new shoes (and socks?)

Hey guys,

So I just picked up an '02 M3 ( ) with the OEM 19" wheels and Michelin Pilot Sports in the stock tire sizes (225/255) and with only 3000 miles on them.

I am going to pick up some CSL reps and am considering downsizing to an 18" setup (245/275) for ride quality and (potentially) track purposes. I haven't seen 18s in person, so I don't know if they would look undersize or not, and I think the car rides fine at this point, but I wouldn't mind an even cushier (albeit sporty) ride. I've been told that I'm better off with 245/275 even on the 19" wheel, so I would be buying new tires either way. So, what do you guys think about 18s vs 19s?

Also, is there any market left for the OEM wheels and used Pilot Sports? The wheels have some curb rash and I'm wondering if it would be a worthwhile investment to take them to a wheel repair shop prior to selling them.