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V1 tested against K40

I've seen a lot of people ask about K40 but no one seems to have an answer that has actually tried one, here's a quick review after one night compared to V1.

So for the time being I have a K40 in my car, yesterday hardwired a V1 in the windshield and got to compare both of them at the same time last night. K40 = $2,000 installed, V1 = $400 plus less than an hour of my time to hardwire. V1 detected radar at least 1/2 mile before K40 did, not only that but the display told me what kind of radar it detected, K40 just lights up. V1 easily switched to mute after detecting radar, K40 took a bit of time to shut off once I found remote. V1 has a good display located up near the roof of my car, K40 just has two extremely bright LEDs that shine in my face from dashboard making the car look like a disco club if it goes of at night. K40 does have laser jammers which I did try out with my buddy who is a cop and they do work very well. Although it takes forever to switch off and will be obvious to a cop he is being jammed. I now just need to add a laser jammer to use with V1. Total job should once I install a laser jammer should be half the price of K40 and work twice as good and be far easier to control. I do have to admit that K40 being hidden is nice, but you sacrifice performance and control and the price is not even close to worth it. Just my opinion.