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Originally Posted by mcc3456 View Post
All these options sure make it confusing to choose.

What is the breakdown in pricing of the various options?

1) Street muffler & pipes
2) Sport mufllers (left & right) & pipes (louder between than street muffler)
3) Connecting pipes for oem center (if you don't use #4 or #5)
4) X-pipe + center pipe (no resonators)
5) X-pipe + center pipe (2 resonators)
6) Front pipes (left & right) w/2 cats

Pricing for #'s 1-4 are listed in the 2nd link I posted. Still haven't gotten pricing for the front pipes (#6). If you truly want a header-back system then first pick either #1 or 2 (sport mufflers are louder). Then decide if you want to use oem mid-pipes. If yes then get #3 & skip #4-5. If no then skip #3 & either pick #4 or 5. Finally, get #6. Hope that helps.
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