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Now as a FUTURE CAR 2006 audi rs4 for audi fans.
"The hugely expensive Audi RS4ó an M3 wannabeó eschews the turbos of yore for a new 8250 rpm redline, 4.2 liter, unmuzzled V8. This engine stuffed behind the new horse collar grille thatís all the rage at the four rings produces a healthy 400 plus horsepower at 7800 rpm.

Admittedly BMW didnít invent the high rpm consumer engine, that crown goes to Honda and its many wonderful 4 bangers, but BMW added torque to the hp and rpm equation as well as cylinders. And if your S54 didnít blow up yet, you know what a sweet result that is.

Itís obvious, in the world of cars, BMW with all its warts is still the benchmark." and they say it will face the new M3 but it is not a RS3 instead its a 4 !