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Audi is definately stepping it up and they are making some pretty legitamate cars to compete with bmw. THey make some nice cars but I still think Bmw offers the ultimate package. THe new Rs4 is a really nice car and I hate to admit it but I love the interior of the car. But the audi does have many styling cues in the interior that Bmw has used in the past but doesnt use anymore. Just wait until the new m3 comes out. The problem with audi is that they have the engine is in front of the front axle. Bernd Pischetsrieder, went to Audi and smugly proclaimed that Audi would be making high performance luxury cars "the way BMW used to".

I wouldnt be worried too much about the new m3. It is going to be an insane car that is going to blow the competition right out of the water.
BMW ALL THE Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!