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Originally Posted by M3BALLER08 View Post
Nope. There is no such thing as "Genuine Eisenmann Meistershaft". Eisenmann never made a "Meistershaft". Eisenhaus made that up and then started switching all of the names back and forth. They basically used Eisenmann's good name to sell their cheap Korean made crap for huge proffits without any consent. I think Eisenmann isn't taking legal action because they know how rediculous US court system is. The case would take 5 years and cost 100k+.

My friend i am in your side.I totally agree with your claimings.I am Just pointing out why Eisenhaus doesnt face Major Legal Problems.They have released a Product named Eisenmann Meisterschaft.This way they didnt sale Eisenmann BUT they took legal advantage of their Brand Name.They would Be ILEGAL THOUGH IF THEY WERE SELLING JUST E I S E N M A N N EXHAUSTS.