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Originally Posted by 335iheLLraiseR View Post
look, i'd rather boston go than Cavs, they had their chance last year and got swept. So what, they got Big Ben, that ain't shit, they don't have a player problem, they have a coaching problem. D'Antoni should be there , not in NY.
Cleveland has both a player and coaching problem, and that's what makes what Lebron has been able to accomplish even more amazing. He led his "team" (a.k.a Lebron and the 11 clowns) to the NBA Finals at the age of 22, MJ didn't make his first NBA Finals until he was 27 or 28 and it took having a future HOF'er/NBA Top 50 all-time player, a good supporting cast and probably the best NBA coach of all time partnered with him.

Lebron is stuck with a group of teammates who barely make the NBA's Top 5,000 all-time team and a coaching staffing which is on par with your average YMCA rec league coaching staff. With him, they make the Finals one year and the conference semis the next. Without him, they maybe win 10-15 games.