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Originally Posted by ianbiz View Post
Cleveland blows anyway. I really hope Boston can go all the way (and beat LA).
Ha right. The Celtics have been the definition of "blows" for nearly the last decade. The only reason Boston was any good this season is cuz they finally spent some coin. The sad thing is they spent that coin on guys that are about to leave their prime years behind them.

Sure you could go on about Cleveland not being able to get over the Championship hump but Boston as it's own issues.

1. SPYGATE! Everyone mentions asterisks for Barry Bonds and such but man are the Patriots a prime candidate. What a shame for what is supposedly a great team.

2. The Red Soxs are only winning due to no salary cap in the MLB and stealing other teams stars. Manny Ramirez, a product of Cleveland whom you Boston fans love so much.

3. The Celtics, finally a decent team that was bought and Boston talks shit? Take a hike bro. Try being good for a while. Besides they'll be eaten alive by Detroit.

4. The Bruins, who cares

And yes, Cleveland choked royally. They should have won either game 1, 5 or 7 and choked in those games as well. Cleveland lost the series, Boston didn't win it, PERIOD.

But as a Cleveland fan I'll admit that they would have had an equally tough time with Detroit and more then likely would have lost to whichever West team. Boston fans have proven over decades that their pompous no matter if their good or bad, and will never admit when they suck. I am a Cleveland fan and am willing to admit when a Cleveland team sucks, which at the time none of them suck. They may not be winning Championship but their solid and contending.

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