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Originally Posted by M3BALLER08 View Post
These liars had "EISENMANN" stamped all over the muflers that were made in Korea. If that's not "using Eisenmann Official Brand name in their products" than I don't know what is! They called the genuine Eisenmann 335i systems by the name Moueisterschaft and the fake systems that were made in Korea were stamped with "Eisenmann" and sold as Eisenmann. They should shut Eisenhaus down and lose the German names for all of the Korean products. Tricking the consumer is not the way to win customers.
I believe they sold Genuine Eisenmann Meisterscehaft GT Exhaust and NOT Genuine Eisenmann.This is why they dont have any major Legal Impact from Eisenmann...but they surely lost a Great Market what i was saying is...that maybe they should do something about it...That is if they want to still be in the Business..